oxypot™ Franchise

veggyTERRACE® Franchise
April 29, 2014

Modern homes and buildings, designed for energy efficiency, are often tightly sealed to impede energy loss from heating and air conditioning systems. "Sick building syndrome" is causing big losses, worldwide.

95% of what's inside sprays, paints, new carpets, tobacco smoke etc.. are chemicals like acetone, benzenes, aldehydes, ethanol, g-terpins, pesticides and others. If you think that contamination is something occurring just outdoor, you're wrong.

"Mild" effects of our daily exposure to these chemicals are fatigue, disorientation, muscular pain, joint pain, eczemas, eruptions, dizziness, nausea, asthma, sinusitis, anxiety, decreased focusing capacity, depression and mood swings.

oxypot™ Franchisee earns by installing indoor miracle plants that are magical air-cleaner & purifiers for your home and/or work place. We provide the required know how.

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