Onsite composting franchise offers opportunity to set up composting units at residential, hotels, hospitals, large canteens and any such space on 'Build Own Operate' basis.


This franchise is for catering to a cluster of small apartments that might want to subscribe to a mobile composting service. GOBBARAgaadi® is our mobile van that goes door to door.


Unused rooftops can be good opportunity to grow food. This franchise is about creating 'Urban farmers'. Our system can yield up to 50 times more than any conventional method.


Centrally air conditioned office spaces with hundreds of employees breathing stale air are exposed to health risks. This franchise is about cleaning air with special indoor plants.

GarbageMoolah franchise makes Clean and Green spaces.
It's about Zero Garbage, Health & Nutrition.

The idea is that there are many different business opportunities to choose from, for example there are food franchises, tech franchises etc., crowded with high competition and then there is GarbageMoolah, a whole new world of opportunity.

SANITR™ & GOBBARAgaadi® are highly profitable business models created by linking waste to wealth. The tools to convert organic waste to compost are simple to use, low cost and produce rich manure that fetches high price. The best part is more we grow in this business, the better this earth gets. veggyTERRACE™ & oxypot™ are highly innovative ideas that can offer very high visibility and great business opportunity that not only generates high income but also creates great reputation.

Current waste management practices ending up in landfills have disturbed the ecological systems and are unsustainable. This kind of ecological destruction can only create a cycle of poverty and pass this poverty from one generation to the next generation. SANITR™ & veggyTERRACE™ help restore the ecosystem. Surely investing in the recovery of the damaged environment can be a cost effective way of solving many of the problems we face today. If money is based on functional eco-systems future will be beautiful, if it continues to be based on production and consumption of goods & services we will turn everything in to a desert.

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very low capital expenditure no physical space required no rent