What is all about

The flaw of logic in our present day society could perhaps be explained as below:

A fruit is a derivative of tree. Whereas the fruit has clearly defined price, the tree often get chopped unnoticed! It’s impossible for the derivatives to be more valuable than the source.

So if we carry that flaw in logic from generation to generation we compound the mistake. Our current practices have degraded ecological systems and these degraded states & ecological destruction put us in a cycle of poverty. The source of wealth is the functional eco system.

The idea is to create an industry by offering business opportunities that can employ number of people and put us on a pathway of sustainability. If money is based on functional eco-systems, future will be beautiful for our children’s children and generations to come. Surely investing in the recovery of the damaged environment can be a cost effective way of solving many of the problems we face today.

Restoring nature:

Four ways, where one can start a business with us:
– SANITR™ onsite composting service
– GOBBARAgaadi® travelling composter
– veggyTERRACE™ rooftop farms
– oxypot™ air clean

Garbage Moolah, is not just about waste to wealth. It is also about kick starting a process of restoration that’s constantly sequestering Carbon and giving us food security.